" To Live a Creative Life..."

Hmmm....To live a creative life. This quote has me thinking a lot.

I get caught up in the fear of being wrong, way too much. Whether I am trying to be creative with my outfit, my hair, projects/paintings and even the flowers I make, it is easy for me to get intimidated by the -- what ifs.  

"What If":
- I look silly
- People don't get it
- It isn't good enough
- One person doesn't like it
- It's not as creative as the next person's
and the list could go on.

Yet this quote frees those "What If's", the insecurities of creating. I believe fear guides our lives way too much, and it is squashing the life and passion for living a creative life. Let go of that tight grasp on fear, and open your hands to take in the creativity that is to simply- be.

Let's let go of the fear,

{Mere} dith

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