be{cause}: kids and color

               Tuesday nights are somewhat of my favorite nights of the week. They are filled with energy, color, creativity, and oh and did I mention lots of energy?

For someone who has only taken a couple art classes in her life, I was approached to teach an art workshop for Solidarity (an amazing non-profit working in Fullerton).
My little class of 7 kids, 3rd-6th graders has been a blast. A new adventure pushing not only me creatively but also giving me the chance to learn how to teach. Half the time I don't know what I am doing.
But the wonderful thing about art is that it's free, like a blank canvas. Life is art. And inviting these kids to see that is what matters. Shapes, colors, smells, how you put together your outfit, how a fabrics texture feels; it's all art.  

This Tuesday is face paint day! It's exciting to teach something I love and enjoy. These kids are amazing, they are full of energy to have fun and create in the process.

Kids need to know that art is all around.
Life is art, and by golly let's not miss while we grow up.


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