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Hello there. 

It has been a week or so since I have posted anything. And it was mainly because last week was my spring break and I had the opportunity to go down to Mexico to help build a house for the week. I went down through my school but partnered with an amazing organization called Amor Ministries. It had been a while since I had been down to Mexico for a week and it was my first time with this organization.

My role (along with the rest of the group from my school) was to join with one of the churches/organizations that came down for the week and to help build not only a house with them, but relationships with them. Pretty we were the point people in between the Amor staff and church/organization group.

I had a blast with my wonderful Canadian church group. I loved getting to know them, hear them say 'eh' every few sentences and simply build a house with them. I think my favorite memory with them was also rather embarrassing. The first night around the camp fire, they had everyone stand up to sing a little camp song. I can't remember what it was called but it goes sort of like this.

"grab another hand,
grab a hand next to you
grab another hand and sing, sing this along"

then "pat another back"
and lastly "bump another butt"

Well lets just say when the song got to "bump another butt", the old Canadian man next to me, didn't understand that when we sing "bump another butt", it is not ok to smack the person next to you, on the butt. It was not until the second run through that he saw everyone else hitting their hips with each other. Let's just say I was holding back some hard core laughter. (Side note, I will be sure to avoid smacking of my butt next time I sing that song...whenever that may be.)

Overall the week was amazing. I came to absolutely loved the family we were building for and the cousins that lived next door. Let's just say I fell in love with the kids and couldn't stop playing with them and taking pictures of their adorable faces. I know you aren't supposed to have favorites but... I did. My favorites were Chewy (Jesus) and Melissa.

Chewy (Jesus), I could not adore more. Not sure whether it was the chubby cheeks or his precious smile that caught my heart. He would love to play hard to get, but the next second be asking me to hold my camera in attempts to take a picture. One second he would be tugging on my arm and the next running around with the boys. My favorite part was just playing with him and blowing him kisses from a far.

Melissa, is beautiful. She amazed me at her strength physically as she would work with us on the house but also her generosity. From the very first day, she sweetly gave me the one clip she had in her hair, the FIRST day. I didn't know what to say (along with I don't speak Spanish). We had a relationship that included me trying to learn my numbers in Spanish, as she tried to teach me, rolling her eyes at me as I quickly egged her on to say the numbers again...one more time.

I guess all that to share and say, God was moving and working. To see so many communities come together to build a home for those who are in need, is a humbling sight to say the least. It was heart warming to see the faces of the family receiving the keys to their new house, something that can be so easily taken advantage of here at home. I always find that leaving the small small bubble I live in, to go and be reminded of the big world we are in, makes my anxieties and 'problems' be put in perspective and my heart so much more open to love. It was a splendid week.

Much Amor,

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