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My freshmen year of college I was a approached by a friend of mine. He came to me with a passion in his heart for India and a desire for the Dalit children to have the opportunity of an education. He asked if I would be apart of team of 5 other college students in putting together a dodgeball tournament to help raise money to build a school in India.

So as a group of 6 college students, we sat together and dreamed of a tournament, never having done anything this big, at least how BIG we were dreaming. We most definitely struggled through it, not having much support as we thought, trying to overcome where to have the games and how to do all of it with little to no funds. 

After months of planning and preparing, it was Friday April 11th, an exact week before the tournament and we were far from feeling confident.We knew we were giving our time, hearts and skills to make this fundraiser happen, but for some reason we felt discouraged. With 25 teams needed, we only had 2 teams signed up added with too many "I think I can bring a team" promises. To be honest we almost called it off, gave up, threw in the towel. We had been working for months and it seemed like in that moment it was a waste.

Yet there was a sense of calling and a sliver of hope, in the midst of not seeing G-d show up BIG through out the process of all the planning, but knowing that He had guided us this far, there had to be a reason. So we decided not to cancel the tournament but pray with faith that He would show up BIG.

Friday April 18th, 2008 the Get Schooled Dodgeball Tournament was upon our team. As we set up, with still not enough teams and unsure what we had really gotten ourselves into. We were in for a surprise.

Not only did everything run smoothly, from the food/refreshments, the referees for the games, the many amazing volunteers helping, the set up and tear down, but something happened. G-d showed up and showed up BIG. We got our 25 teams, had an amazing night of fun, community and dodgeball and ended right on time.


Now four years later, even though I am not directly involved, I get to witness the 4th Annual Get Schooled Dodgeball tournament coming up in April. Who would have thought a group of 6 freshman college students, with a big dream and even BIGGER G-d, could get to see the 4th Annual Tournament and see that goal amount of money needed to build a school in India become so close to being finished.

So I hope this story encourages you to know, that you are never too young, too old, too broke or too small to be used in making a BIG impact. Thanks to all of you who were there that first year and supported us. And all who have come out the past three years.

    I hope you can come and support the 4th Annual Get Schooled Dodgeball Tournament by signing up a team to play, coming to watch the games or simply donating to the cause. Do it.

For more information or to sign a team up check out the link HERE

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