Confessions of a Pintrest Addict

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So currently it is summer and the most wonderful time of the year to make fun projects. I must admit and confess something...I am addicted to Pintrest and can say that I am the culprit to the addictions of many others that I know. But I do have to say, I make sure that I don't just 'pin' but am pro-active and making something that has inspired me. I have a plethora of jewelry and it is rather ridiculous, BUT lets me be creative with how I have them presented in my room. And since I just moved, I felt as though this was the perfect time to make something new. Above you can see on the left my inspiration, the image found on here on Pintrest.

About a week ago, me and my family went for my mothers birthday to the flee market in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.  I feel in love with all the 'junk' and beauty that was there! But I had my eye out for some knobs... which I found!!!

I loved them right when I saw them and got all 5 knobs for $10.

And at home I had a plywood board left over from a previous project which I knew would be perfect.

So my amazing dad (Happy Father's DAY) cut the board into a small square and drilled the holes in the board for me.

Then after putting in the knobs, I watered down some white paint and gave the wood a white wash look.

I added some crackle paint in the corners and finished it off with some lace.

It was a very fun project and turned out better than I had anticipated!Hopefully if you are as addicted to Pintrest as me, you to wont just sit on your butt and drool over all the amazing and fun projects and art goodness of others but get up and do something to prove you aren't TOO addicted but maybe just a little bit addicted : ).

Confessions of a Pintrest addict,


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