Alas, it has been to long since I have posted anything. Life in some ways has hit a season of transition and I found myself I need of a break!

As of May 14th, my little sister put it so clever, " MERE MADE IT", four years of college and I am officially a college graduate. A few days after graduation I had all that wisdom removed...well my wisdom teeth that is. And now I can say that since last week I am all moved into my new apartment with my lovely roommates. So as you can see, its been an adventure of transitions. I am so excited for all that is to come in this new season of life. It has had me thinking about what my dreams are, big and small. I love the idea of writing out dreams and having them in a place where they can be seen on a daily basis. It is so easy for me to lose sight of what I love! I do not ever want to forget to have dreams.

Sweet Dreams,


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