Christmas is after Thanksgiving

I know it seems a little too soon to talk about Christmas, but the reality is Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?!! Can you believe it?!

 So with that said I am excited to do a low maintenance announcement that I will be have two booths and a Made by Mere Christmas party in December. I will be highlighting other artist and places for you to find some terrific Christmas gifts. Supporting artists, handmade goods and local small businesses this season is an amazing way to spread Christmas cheer.  

I am beyond excited so I had to post about it!

Cannot wait to give you some dates, places and pictures of how amazing it can be to support local artisans.
Oh and also some pretty amazing Made by Mere accessories you can gift this holiday season.

Pinned Image
(I do not recommend calling Santa fat boy....I heard you don't get presents that way)

So get that belly ready for some turkey and we can talk about Santa in December, 


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