I want to be a songbird...

Not to long ago I stumbled upon this amazing artist Jillian Edwards and fell in love with her beautiful folksy songs! This song that she is playing is called Songbird and just so beautifully written, with such whimsical lyrics of truth. Here is just a few lines:

Go thru things that I need
Make me hurt and make me bleed
Cuz I will arise and see the light
I’ll pray my way through the night
And I want to be a songbird

And I want to sing lullabies to Earth as she cries
But I really want to try and make her laugh
How you made me laugh
You made me laugh.

Here is her facebook . And from her website it looks like she has a new CD coming out on Novemeber 15th! Yay so exciting.

Hope that on this dreary day you are inspired by Songbird.


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