A Mere-y Christmas Thank You

Wow, I am so incredibly in awe of the past 3 weeks! It's has been such an amazing and crazy season for me as I have embarked many new adventures for Made by Mere. Most people know that I have been face painting at Disneyland for the past 4 and 1/2 years a job had since highschool! As I have entered into a new chapter of life, I would like to annouce that as of the end of this past November I officially have finished out my time as a face painter at Disney all in pursuit of Made by Mere. While working at my current job at ROCKHarbor Fullerton, face painting and Made by Mere I can say that I was feeling overwhelmed, blocked from dreaming and unavailable to move forward in the places I wanted to give back. My time was crunched and I was feeling the chaos; after some prayer, waiting and anticipating, God stirred in my heart and I knew it was time to move forward! I am so excited to now have time and space, the ability to move creatively with my business and dedicate myself in places I want to give my all.

So with that I want to thank you all so much for supporting, encouraging and being patient with me in this season! Every weekend this month I have had an event or booth that so many of you came to and blessed me beyond measure. I cannot wait for what is to come and knowing that I have such a wonderful support of amazing people allows me to enter into the new year confidently!

{My wonderful friend Christina Moodie took some pictures from my Made by Mere Christmas Party, check them out---> HERE. And also if you want to check out the photo booth pictures (thank you Delsy for putting it all together) head on over to---> HERE.}
I have seriously been inspired by so many of you and cannot say thank you enough for the way you give and love me.

May we in this season find JOY and a grateful hearts!

Mere-y Christmas,


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