Cheers to 2012


New Years has always sent my mind in 100 different directions. From looking back over the past year to dreaming anxiously about what is to come. I love reminiscing over the latest year because it proves that 'a lot happens in a year'. Graduating college, moving out, starting at a job I love, and looking seriously at my business. So much in so little time. And 2012 is here, begging to be noticed and hoping to be taken advantage of. A lot can happen this next year, but a lot could stay the same. It really rests on whether I keep taking risks, keep surrendering to the places and plans that God is directing me toward. 2012 has got me thinking, already growing me and pushing me to dream and risk big.

As New Years Eve takes it's place tomorrow I want to actually celebrate. Usually I don't care much for New Years Eve, usually working on the holiday, never really having a place to celebrate, not having that 'special someone' to kiss at midnight and it all seems to be so redundant. But this year as much as most of that last sentence won't be different this NYE, I want to enjoy the predictability of celebration, the friends, cheers, waiting and anticipating of the count down.

It's been a great year and so I'd like to say "Cheers to the New Year".

Hello 2012,


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