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So as a part of this new year comes new endeavors for {Made by Mere} and my blogging adventures. If you go over to my About Me{redith} I have done some re-writing. I found I have three areas that I want to focus on. Accessories, Causes, and Creativity. These will be the foundations for what I write/post about.

Let's begin the new year with my current favorite accessory!

Bracelets have been all the rage and I have been wearing a lot of bangles/bracelet mixes lately. Here are some of my favorites that I have found online!

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Let’s be friends

Island Bangle Set

I love the darker silver bangles with pops of color like a rustic orange or muted yellow, even a bright light blue. A mix with the patterned silver bangles are my personal favorite!

Are you wearing any fun bracelets? Any favorite places you buy your bracelets?


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